What will you do in Busan? Go Around. Do you know anyone there? No. What will you do if you get lost? Find my way, like I always do. This was the conversation that I had with my friends in Seoul, wondering why I wanted to venture out on my own.

So off I went and boarded the Korail from the Seoul Station to Busan. I was way ahead of schedule and this was the sight that greeted me.


Inside the Korail, or the train to Busan 😉 For a few minutes, I really thought I would be the only one aboard until the other passengers started to pour in.

There was an announcement that we would be transferring trains. The only way I understood it was when everybody got up with their belongings and a Korean passenger simply told me: “Transfer.” I wasn’t able to take a photo since I didn’t really know where to go; I just followed the crowd. It was like watching the apocalypse unfold on film but without the subtitles and you’re a participating spectator. Paging Korail, you have passengers who can’t speak Hangul too.


My favorite Peanut Butter sandwich from Paris Baguette 

After arriving at the Busan Station, I took another train that would supposedly be closer to my hotel. As I got off my assigned station and looked up the walking directions, I got this:


I tried walking around first to see if my hotel was just around. I didn’t find it in the vicinity so I took the bus as Google Maps instructed. I got off. Got into another bus. Got off again. Until I reached a really seedy place that didn’t have any hotels in the area and decided to find a taxi. The driver didn’t want to accept me at first, he didn’t speak much English but I must have managed to convince him with my “I’m lost” facial expression that he took me in. I gave him the hotel’s name and we got going. I was so happy when we arrived until the receptionist told me that I went to the wrong hotel. Similar name, different location. I didn’t know what to say anymore and asked them politely if they could call me a cab. While I waited, I took a seat and the lady behind the desk talked to me about my correct hotel’s location.


The receptionist was so kind enough to talk to the taxi driver to make sure I was going to make it to the correct hotel this time. Did I tell you that she also gave me something to eat while I waited? She stayed until the taxi was out of sight. You might want to check out Hotel the Hound if you find yourself in Busan:



Finally made it to my hotel

I think I spent an hour lying down, staring at Gavin Rossdale on TV and wondering how I managed to get lost so many times in 1 day. I lost track of time until the front desk called to ask me about what I wanted to eat for breakfast. Will tell you what I ate on my next entry.







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